sumitomo brake pads 04465-60230

sumitomo brake pads 04465-60230

Nao brake pads 04465-60150

ceramic disc brake pads 04465-60240

Product Details

sumitomo brake pads 04465-60230

Product Description:  

Front Axle

Brake System : SUM

Width : 119 mm

Height : 78 mm

Thickness : 17.1 mm

Cross Reference No.: 

Owner         Number

AKEBONO         A-498WK

AKEBONO         AN-498WK

ATE          13046057462

DELPHI       LP1308

FMSI         7639-D772

FMSI         D772

FMSI         D812-7687

MINTEX       MDB1906

Miyaco       MD250M

PAGID        T1241

REMSA        070704

SANGSIN      SP1379

SANGSIN      SP1422


TEXTAR    2352402


TOYOTA       04465-60120

TOYOTA       04465-60150

TOYOTA       04465-60151

TOYOTA       04465-60160

TOYOTA       04465-60170

TOYOTA       04465-60190

TOYOTA       04465-60220

TOYOTA       04465-60230

TOYOTA       04465-60240

TOYOTA       04465-60250

TOYOTA       04465-60340

TOYOTA       04465-YZZ59

TOYOTA       044650C011

TOYOTA       044650C012

TOYOTA       0446560140

TOYOTA       04465YZZCM

TOYOTA       V9118-A072

TRW          GDB3197

TRW          GDB7072

Application For Below Car Models :



LEXUS  GX (URJ15_) 46046082188Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2009-
LEXUS  LX (UZJ100) 47046641708Closed   Off-Road Vehicle1998-2008
LEXUS  LX (UZJ100) 47046641738Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2001-2008
LEXUS  LX (UZJ100) 47046642028Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2002-2008
LEXUS  LX (UZJ100) 47046641978Closed   Off-Road Vehicle1998-2002
TOYOTA  LAND CRUISER - BUNDERA   (PZJ7_, KZJ7_, HZJ7_, BJ7_, LJ7_, RJ7 4.2 TD (HZJ7__V)4164966Closed   Off-Road Vehicle1990-
TOYOTA  LAND CRUISER - BUNDERA   (PZJ7_, KZJ7_, HZJ7_, BJ7_, LJ7_, RJ7 4.5 TD 24V 4x4 (VDJ76, VDJ78)44611518Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2007-
TOYOTA  LAND CRUISER PRADO   (KDJ15_, GRJ15_) 3.0 D-4D29821404Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2010-
TOYOTA  LAND CRUISER PRADO   (KDJ15_, GRJ15_) 3.0 D-4D29821274Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2010-
TOYOTA  LAND CRUISER PRADO   (KDJ15_, GRJ15_) 4.0 V6 Dual VVTi39562056Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2010-
TOYOTA  LAND CRUISER PRADO   (KDJ15_, GRJ15_) 4.0 V6 VVT-i39562076Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2010-
TOYOTA  LAND CRUISER PRADO (_J9_)   4.746641758Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2002-
TOYOTA  PRADO (UZJ100) 4.2 D   (HZJ105)4164966Closed   Off-Road Vehicle1998-2007
TOYOTA  PRADO (UZJ100) 4.2 TD   (HDJ100_)41641506Closed   Off-Road Vehicle1998-
TOYOTA  PRADO (UZJ100) 4.7   (UZJ100)46641758Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2002-
TOYOTA  PRADO (UZJ100) 4.7   (UZJ100_)46641738Closed   Off-Road Vehicle1998-

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Customers' comments:

I visit AUTOMECHANIKA SANGHAI in this last month and i discus with many supplier for the brake pads ,like DANAHER ,IFK,FANTIANG,BAOFENG. 

but i tell you ,i am interested in your brake pads ,because you have beautiful brake pads like original also the definition when i show in your brake pads, i like it is exactly  like original



 NOUGHI Faycal.jpg

  -------NOUGHI Faycal (France)      Date: 2015-01-16   



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