Nissan Pathfinder Brake pads D1060-5X00A

Nissan Pathfinder Brake pads D1060-5X00A

Nissan Qashqai Brake pads D1060-EB305

Infiniti QX50 Brake pads 41060-CC090

Product Details

Nissan Pathfinder Brake pads D1060-5X00A

Product Description:  

LocationFront Axle

Brake SystemSUM

Width157 mm

Height58.5 mm

Thickness17 mm

Cross Reference No.: 

Owner         Number

AKEBONO         A-605WK

AKEBONO         AN-605WK

ATE        13046057782

BENDIX EUR    573100B

BOSCH        0986424469

DELPHI     LP2030

FERODO      FDB1356

FMSI         7766-D888

FMSI         8221-D888

FMSI         D888

FMSI         D888-8221


INFINITI   41060-AR090

INFINITI   41060-EG090


MINTEX     MDB2247

NISSAN     41060-0023R

NISSAN     41060-0V790

NISSAN     41060-CC090

NISSAN     41060-CC093

NISSAN     41060-EB325

NISSAN     41060AR090

NISSAN     41060EG090

NISSAN     41080CL70J

NISSAN     AY040-NS058

NISSAN     AY040-NS079

NISSAN     AY040-NS091

NISSAN     AY040-NS098

NISSAN     AY040-NS122

NISSAN     AY040-NS129

NISSAN     AY040-NS160

NISSAN     AY040-NS934

NISSAN     D1060-EB305

NISSAN     D1060-EG51A

NISSAN     D1060-ZS60A

NISSAN     D10601BN0A

NISSAN     D10601MF0A

NISSAN     D10601NC0A

NISSAN     D10605X00A

NISSAN     D1060EJ20A

NISSAN     DA060EB325

REMSA     085214

RENAULT   410600023R

RENAULT   410603072R



TEXTAR    2369801


TOYOTA     V9118-N056

TRW          GDB3392

TRW          GDB7042

WVA          23698

WVA          23699

WVA          24497

Application For Below Car Models :



INFINITI  EX 30d29931756Hatchback2010-
INFINITI  EX 3736942286Hatchback2008-
INFINITI  EX 3736962356Hatchback2010-
INFINITI  G Coupe 3736942436Coupe2007-
INFINITI  G Coupe 3736962356Coupe2010-
INFINITI  G Saloon 2524961636Saloon2011-
INFINITI  G Saloon 3534981916Saloon2002-
INFINITI  G Saloon 3736962356Saloon2008-
INFINITI  G Saloon 37x36962356Saloon2008-
INFINITI  M (Y51) 30d29931756Saloon2010-
INFINITI  M (Y51) 35h34982256Saloon2011-
INFINITI  M (Y51) 3736962356Saloon2010-
INFINITI  M (Y51) 3736962436Saloon2012-
INFINITI  M35 3.534982066Saloon2005-
INFINITI  M35 3.5 X34982066Saloon2005-
INFINITI  M35 3.5 h34982686Saloon2010-
INFINITI  M37 3.739692436Saloon2010-
INFINITI  M37 3.7 Allrad36962436Saloon2010-
INFINITI  M45 4.544942508Saloon2005-
INFINITI  Q60 Convertible 3.736962356Convertible2013-
INFINITI  Q60 Coupe 3.736962356Coupe2013-
INFINITI  Q70 (Y51) 3.029931756Saloon2013-
INFINITI  Q70 (Y51) 3.5 Hybrid34982256Saloon2013-
INFINITI  Q70 (Y51) 3.736962356Saloon2013-
INFINITI  QX50 30d AWD29931756Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2013-
INFINITI  QX50 37 AWD36962356Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2013-
NISSAN  CEDRIC 3.0 Ultima29872066Saloon2000-2004
NISSAN  CIMA 3.029872066Saloon2001-
NISSAN  CIMA 4.544942068Saloon2001-
NISSAN  CIMA 4.544942508Saloon2001-
NISSAN  GLORIA 2.5 Turbo 4WD24981846Saloon1999-2004
NISSAN  GLORIA 3.0 Gran Turismo29872066Saloon2000-2004
NISSAN  MURANO (Z50)34981726Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2003-
NISSAN  MURANO (Z50) 3.534981986Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2006-
NISSAN  MURANO (Z50) 3.534981726Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2003-2007
NISSAN  MURANO (Z50) 3.534981806Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2003-2007
NISSAN  MURANO (Z50) 3.5 4x434981986Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2006-
NISSAN  MURANO (Z50) 3.5 4x434981806Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2004-2008
NISSAN  MURANO (Z51)34981956Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2007-
NISSAN  MURANO (Z51) 2.5 4x424881404Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2010-
NISSAN  MURANO (Z51) 3.534981956Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2007-
NISSAN  MURANO (Z51) 3.5 4x434981886Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2008-
NISSAN  MURANO (Z51) 3.5 4x434981916Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2011-
NISSAN  NAVARA (D40) 2.5 dCi24881064Pickup2005-
NISSAN  NAVARA (D40) 2.5 dCi 4WD24881404Pickup2009-
NISSAN  NAVARA (D40) 2.5 dCi 4WD24881284Pickup2005-
NISSAN  NAVARA (D40) 2.5 dCi 4WD24881264Pickup2006-
NISSAN  NAVARA (D40) 2.5 dCi 4WD24881064Pickup2008-
NISSAN  NAVARA (D40) 2.8 D27981014Pickup2004-
NISSAN  NAVARA (D40) 3.0 dCi 4WD29931706Pickup2010-
NISSAN  NAVARA Platform/Chassis   (D40) 2.5 dCi24881404Platform/Chassis2010-
NISSAN  NAVARA Platform/Chassis   (D40) 2.5 dCi 4WD24881064Platform/Chassis2008-
NISSAN  NAVARA Platform/Chassis   (D40) 3.0 dCi29931706Platform/Chassis2010-
NISSAN  PATHFINDER (R51) 2.5 dCi24881284Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2005-
NISSAN  PATHFINDER (R51) 2.5 dCi   4WD24881284Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2005-
NISSAN  PATHFINDER (R51) 2.5 dCi   4WD24881264Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2006-
NISSAN  PATHFINDER (R51) 2.5 dCi   4WD24881204Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2005-
NISSAN  PATHFINDER (R51) 3.0 dCi29931706Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2010-
NISSAN  PATHFINDER (R51) 4.039541986Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2005-
NISSAN  PATHFINDER (R51) 4.0 4WD39541986Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2005-
NISSAN  QASHQAI / QASHQAI +2 (J10,   JJ10) 1.6 dCi1598964Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2011-
NISSAN  QASHQAI / QASHQAI +2 (J10,   JJ10) 1.6 dCi All-wheel Drive1598964Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2011-
NISSAN  QASHQAI / QASHQAI +2 (J10,   JJ10) 2.0 All-wheel Drive19971044Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2007-
NISSAN  QASHQAI / QASHQAI +2 (J10,   JJ10) 2.0 dCi19951104Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2007-
NISSAN  QASHQAI / QASHQAI +2 (J10,   JJ10) 2.0 dCi All-wheel Drive19951104Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2007-
NISSAN  XTERRA (N50) 2.8 4x427981034Closed   Off-Road Vehicle2005-

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Customers' comments:

I visit AUTOMECHANIKA SANGHAI in this last month and i discus with many supplier for the brake pads ,like DANAHER ,IFK,FANTIANG,BAOFENG. 

but i tell you ,i am interested in your brake pads ,because you have beautiful brake pads like original also the definition when i show in your brake pads, i like it is exactly  like original



 NOUGHI Faycal.jpg

  -------NOUGHI Faycal (France)      Date: 2015-01-16   



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