Ford Mondeo brake pads 1379971

Ford Mondeo brake pads 1379971

Mondeo brake pads 1566232

Ford S-MAX brake pads 1432363

Product Details

Ford Mondeo brake pads 1379971

Product Description:  

LocationFront Axle

Brake SystemATE

Width155.1 mm

Width 1156.3 mm

Height66.4 mm

Height 172 mm

Thickness20.2 mm

Thickness 119.2 mm

Cross Reference No.: 

Owner         Number

FORD        1379971

FORD        1432363

FORD        1437761

FORD        1458247

FORD        1566232

FORD        1747043

FORD        6G912K021A2D

FORD        BG912K021AA

FORD        ME6G9J2K021AA

LAND ROVER   1458247



VOLVO      30778910

VOLVO      3079354

VOLVO      30793540

VOLVO      30793941

ATE  13.0470-7228.2

BENDIX    573201B

BOSCH     0 986 494 169

BREMBO P 24 076

DELPHI     LP1967


FMSI         D1306

FMSI         8421-D1306

ICER          181775


NK        222568

PAGID       T1653

PAGID       T2198

REMSA     1219

TEXTAR    24123 205 0 5

TEXTAR    2412301

TRW        GDB1683

Application For Below Car Models :

FORD  GALAXY (WA6) 1.6 EcoBoost15961184MPV2011-
FORD  GALAXY (WA6) 1.6 TDCi1560854MPV2011-
FORD  GALAXY (WA6) 1.8 TDCi1753744MPV2006-
FORD  GALAXY (WA6) 1.8 TDCi1753924MPV2006-
FORD  GALAXY (WA6) 2.019991074MPV2006-
FORD  GALAXY (WA6) 2.0 Flexifuel19991074MPV2006-
FORD  GALAXY (WA6) 2.0 TDCi19971004MPV2006-
FORD  GALAXY (WA6) 2.0 TDCi1997964MPV2006-
FORD  GALAXY (WA6) 2.0 TDCi19971034MPV2006-
FORD  GALAXY (WA6) 2.0 TDCi1997854MPV2007-
FORD  GALAXY (WA6) 2.0 TDCi19971204MPV2010-
FORD  GALAXY (WA6) 2.2 TDCi21791474MPV2010-
FORD  GALAXY (WA6) 2.2 TDCi21791294MPV2008-
FORD  GALAXY (WA6) 2.322611184MPV2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV (BA7) 1.6 EcoBoost15961184Hatchback2011-
FORD  MONDEO IV (BA7) 1.6 TDCi1560854Hatchback2011-
FORD  MONDEO IV (BA7) 1.6 Ti1596884Hatchback2010-
FORD  MONDEO IV (BA7) 1.6 Ti1596814Hatchback2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV (BA7) 1.6 Ti1596924Hatchback2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV (BA7) 1.8 TDCi1753744Hatchback2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV (BA7) 1.8 TDCi1753924Hatchback2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV (BA7) 2.019991074Hatchback2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV (BA7) 2.0 EcoBoost19991764Hatchback2010-
FORD  MONDEO IV (BA7) 2.0   Flexifuel19991074Hatchback2009-
FORD  MONDEO IV (BA7) 2.0 LPG19991074Hatchback2009-
FORD  MONDEO IV (BA7) 2.0 SCTi19761494Hatchback2010-
FORD  MONDEO IV (BA7) 2.0 TDCi19971004Hatchback2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV (BA7) 2.0 TDCi1997964Hatchback2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV (BA7) 2.0 TDCi19971034Hatchback2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV (BA7) 2.0 TDCi1997854Hatchback2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV (BA7) 2.0 TDCi19971204Hatchback2010-
FORD  MONDEO IV (BA7) 2.2 TDCi21791474Hatchback2010-
FORD  MONDEO IV (BA7) 2.2 TDCi21791294Hatchback2008-
FORD  MONDEO IV (BA7) 2.322611184Hatchback2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV (BA7) 2.525211625Hatchback2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV Saloon (BA7) 1.6   TDCi1560854Saloon2010-
FORD  MONDEO IV Saloon (BA7) 1.6   Ti1596924Saloon2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV Saloon (BA7) 1.6   Ti1596814Saloon2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV Saloon (BA7) 1.8   TDCi1753924Saloon2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV Saloon (BA7) 1.8   TDCi1753744Saloon2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV Saloon (BA7) 2.019991074Saloon2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV Saloon (BA7) 2.0   Flexifuel19991074Saloon2009-
FORD  MONDEO IV Saloon (BA7) 2.0   LPG19991074Saloon2009-
FORD  MONDEO IV Saloon (BA7) 2.0   TDCi1997964Saloon2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV Saloon (BA7) 2.0   TDCi19971034Saloon2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV Saloon (BA7) 2.0   TDCi1997854Saloon2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV Saloon (BA7) 2.0   TDCi19971204Saloon2010-
FORD  MONDEO IV Saloon (BA7) 2.2   TDCi21791294Saloon2008-
FORD  MONDEO IV Saloon (BA7) 2.322611184Saloon2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV Saloon (BA7) 2.525211625Saloon2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7) 1.6   EcoBoost15961184Estate2011-
FORD  MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7) 1.6   TDCi1560854Estate2011-
FORD  MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7) 1.6   Ti1596884Estate2010-
FORD  MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7) 1.6   Ti1596814Estate2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7) 1.6   Ti1596924Estate2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7) 1.8   TDCi1753744Estate2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7) 1.8   TDCi1753924Estate2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7) 2.019991074Estate2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7) 2.0   EcoBoost19991764Estate2010-
FORD  MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7) 2.0   Flexifuel19991074Estate2009-
FORD  MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7) 2.0   LPG19991074Estate2009-
FORD  MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7) 2.0   SCTi19761494Estate2010-
FORD  MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7) 2.0   TDCi19971004Estate2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7) 2.0   TDCi1997964Estate2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7) 2.0   TDCi19971034Estate2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7) 2.0   TDCi1997854Estate2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7) 2.0   TDCi19971204Estate2010-
FORD  MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7) 2.2   TDCi21791474Estate2010-
FORD  MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7) 2.2   TDCi21791294Estate2008-
FORD  MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7) 2.322611184Estate2007-
FORD  MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7) 2.525211625Estate2007-
FORD  S-MAX (WA6) 1.6 EcoBoost15961184MPV2011-
FORD  S-MAX (WA6) 1.6 TDCi1560854MPV2011-
FORD  S-MAX (WA6) 1.8 TDCi1753924MPV2006-
FORD  S-MAX (WA6) 1.8 TDCi1753744MPV2007-
FORD  S-MAX (WA6) 2.019991074MPV2006-
FORD  S-MAX (WA6) 2.0 Flexifuel19991074MPV2006-
FORD  S-MAX (WA6) 2.0 TDCi19971004MPV2006-
FORD  S-MAX (WA6) 2.0 TDCi1997964MPV2006-
FORD  S-MAX (WA6) 2.0 TDCi19971034MPV2006-
FORD  S-MAX (WA6) 2.0 TDCi1997854MPV2007-
FORD  S-MAX (WA6) 2.0 TDCi19971204MPV2010-
FORD  S-MAX (WA6) 2.2 TDCi21791474MPV2010-
FORD  S-MAX (WA6) 2.2 TDCi21791294MPV2008-
FORD  S-MAX (WA6) 2.322611184MPV2007-

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Customers' comments:

I visit AUTOMECHANIKA SANGHAI in this last month and i discus with many supplier for the brake pads ,like DANAHER ,IFK,FANTIANG,BAOFENG. 

but i tell you ,i am interested in your brake pads ,because you have beautiful brake pads like original also the definition when i show in your brake pads, i like it is exactly  like original



 NOUGHI Faycal.jpg

  -------NOUGHI Faycal (France)      Date: 2015-01-16   



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