Ford Focus Brake pads 1712024

Ford Focus Brake pads 1712024 

Focus Brake pads 1519528

Ford Brake pads 1223682

Product Details

Ford Focus Brake pads 1712024 

Product Description:  

LocationFront Axle

Brake SystemATE

Width155.1 mm

Width 1156.3 mm

Height62.4 mm

Height 167 mm

Thickness18.3 mm


Cross Reference No.: 

Owner                   Number

FORD        1223682

FORD        1321517

FORD        1360305

FORD        1508074

FORD        1519528

FORD        1566093

FORD        1695810

FORD        1712024

FORD        1753844

FORD        1759370

FORD        1765766

FORD        1809256

FORD        1816524

FORD        3M512K021AB

FORD        3M5J2K021A1A

FORD        5181461

FORD        AV612K021BA

FORD        AV612K021BB

FORD        BV612001B3A

FORD        BV612001CB

FORD        CN152K021AA

FORD        CV612001BC

FORD        CV612001CB

FORD        CV6Z2001A

FORD        MEAV6J2K021AA

MAZDA       1519528

MAZDA       B3YH3323Z

MAZDA       B3YH3323ZA

MAZDA       B4YB3323Z

MAZDA       BPYK3323Z

MAZDA       BPYK3323ZA

MAZDA       BPYK3323ZA9C

MAZDA       C2Y33323ZA

MAZDA       C2Y33323ZB



VOLVO      30681739

VOLVO      30683554

VOLVO      30715023

VOLVO      30736923

VOLVO      30742030

VOLVO      30793618

VOLVO      31341301


Application For Below Car Models :



FORD  FOCUS C-MAX 1.61596744MPV2003-2007
FORD  FOCUS C-MAX 1.6 TDCi1560804MPV2003-2007
FORD  FOCUS C-MAX 1.6 TDCi1560664MPV2005-2007
FORD  FOCUS C-MAX 1.6 Ti1596854MPV2004-2007
FORD  FOCUS C-MAX 1.81798884MPV2003-2007
FORD  FOCUS C-MAX 1.81798924MPV2004-2007
FORD  FOCUS C-MAX 1.81798904MPV2005-2007
FORD  FOCUS C-MAX 1.8 Flexifuel1798924MPV2006-2007
FORD  FOCUS C-MAX 1.8 TDCi1753854MPV2005-2007
FORD  FOCUS C-MAX 2.019991074MPV2004-2007
FORD  FOCUS C-MAX 2.0 TDCi19971004MPV2003-2007
FORD  FOCUS II (DA_) 1.41388594Hatchback2004-
FORD  FOCUS II (DA_) 1.61596744Hatchback2004-
FORD  FOCUS II (DA_) 1.6 LPG1596854Hatchback2009-
FORD  FOCUS II (DA_) 1.6 TDCi1560744Hatchback2004-
FORD  FOCUS II (DA_) 1.6 TDCi1560804Hatchback2004-
FORD  FOCUS II (DA_) 1.6 TDCi1560664Hatchback2005-
FORD  FOCUS II (DA_) 1.6 Ti1596854Hatchback2004-
FORD  FOCUS II (DA_) 1.81798924Hatchback2006-
FORD  FOCUS II (DA_) 1.8 Flexifuel1798924Hatchback2006-
FORD  FOCUS II (DA_) 1.8 TDCi1753854Hatchback2005-
FORD  FOCUS II (DA_) 2.019991074Hatchback2004-
FORD  FOCUS II (DA_) 2.0 CNG19991074Hatchback2009-
FORD  FOCUS II (DA_) 2.0 LPG19991074Hatchback2008-
FORD  FOCUS II (DA_) 2.0 TDCi1997984Hatchback2004-
FORD  FOCUS II (DA_) 2.0 TDCi19971004Hatchback2004-
FORD  FOCUS II (DA_) 2.0 TDCi1997814Hatchback2008-
FORD  FOCUS II Convertible 1.61596744Convertible2006-
FORD  FOCUS II Convertible 2.019991074Convertible2006-
FORD  FOCUS II Convertible 2.0   TDCi19971004Convertible2006-
FORD  FOCUS II Estate (DA_) 1.41388594Estate2004-
FORD  FOCUS II Estate (DA_) 1.61596744Estate2004-
FORD  FOCUS II Estate (DA_) 1.6   LPG1596854Estate2009-
FORD  FOCUS II Estate (DA_) 1.6   TDCi1560744Estate2004-
FORD  FOCUS II Estate (DA_) 1.6   TDCi1560804Estate2004-
FORD  FOCUS II Estate (DA_) 1.6   TDCi1560664Estate2004-
FORD  FOCUS II Estate (DA_) 1.6 Ti1596854Estate2004-
FORD  FOCUS II Estate (DA_) 1.81798924Estate2006-
FORD  FOCUS II Estate (DA_) 1.8   Flexifuel1798924Estate2006-
FORD  FOCUS II Estate (DA_) 1.8   TDCi1753854Estate2004-
FORD  FOCUS II Estate (DA_) 2.019991074Estate2004-
FORD  FOCUS II Estate (DA_) 2.0   LPG19991074Estate2008-
FORD  FOCUS II Estate (DA_) 2.0   TDCi1997984Estate2004-
FORD  FOCUS II Estate (DA_) 2.0   TDCi19971004Estate2004-
FORD  FOCUS II Estate (DA_) 2.0   TDCi1997814Estate2008-
FORD  FOCUS II Saloon (DA_) 1.41388594Saloon2005-
FORD  FOCUS II Saloon (DA_) 1.61596744Saloon2005-
FORD  FOCUS II Saloon (DA_) 1.6   TDCi1560744Saloon2005-
FORD  FOCUS II Saloon (DA_) 1.6   TDCi1560664Saloon2005-
FORD  FOCUS II Saloon (DA_) 1.6   TDCi1560804Saloon2005-
FORD  FOCUS II Saloon (DA_) 1.6 Ti1596854Saloon2005-
FORD  FOCUS II Saloon (DA_) 1.81798924Saloon2006-
FORD  FOCUS II Saloon (DA_) 1.8   Flexifuel1798924Saloon2006-
FORD  FOCUS II Saloon (DA_) 1.8   TDCi1753854Saloon2005-
FORD  FOCUS II Saloon (DA_) 2.019991074Saloon2005-
FORD  FOCUS II Saloon (DA_) 2.0   TDCi19971004Saloon2005-
FORD  FOCUS II Saloon (DA_) 2.0   TDCi1997814Saloon2008-
FORD  FOCUS III 1.0 EcoBoost998923Hatchback2012-
FORD  FOCUS III 1.0 EcoBoost998743Hatchback2012-
FORD  FOCUS III 1.5 EcoBoost14991104Hatchback2014-
FORD  FOCUS III 1.5 EcoBoost14991344Hatchback2014-
FORD  FOCUS III 1.5 TDCi1499704Hatchback2014-
FORD  FOCUS III 1.5 TDCi1499884Hatchback2014-
FORD  FOCUS III 1.5 TDCi ECOnetic1499774Hatchback2014-
FORD  FOCUS III 1.6 EcoBoost15961104Hatchback2011-
FORD  FOCUS III 1.6 EcoBoost15961344Hatchback2011-
FORD  FOCUS III 1.6 Flexifuel1596884Hatchback2011-
FORD  FOCUS III 1.6 Flexifuel15961104Hatchback2013-
FORD  FOCUS III 1.6 LPG1596884Hatchback2012-
FORD  FOCUS III 1.6 LPG1596864Hatchback2012-
FORD  FOCUS III 1.6 TDCi1560704Hatchback2011-
FORD  FOCUS III 1.6 TDCi1560854Hatchback2011-
FORD  FOCUS III 1.6 TDCi ECOnetic1560774Hatchback2012-
FORD  FOCUS III 1.6 Ti1596774Hatchback2011-
FORD  FOCUS III 1.6 Ti1596924Hatchback2011-
FORD  FOCUS III 1.6 Ti1596634Hatchback2011-
FORD  FOCUS III 2.0 TDCi1997854Hatchback2011-
FORD  FOCUS III 2.0 TDCi19971034Hatchback2011-
FORD  FOCUS III 2.0 TDCi19971204Hatchback2011-
FORD  FOCUS III 2.0 TDCi19971004Hatchback2011-
FORD  FOCUS III Saloon 1.0   EcoBoost998743Saloon2012-
FORD  FOCUS III Saloon 1.0   EcoBoost998923Saloon2012-
FORD  FOCUS III Saloon 1.5   EcoBoost14991104Saloon2014-
FORD  FOCUS III Saloon 1.5   EcoBoost14991344Saloon2014-
FORD  FOCUS III Saloon 1.5 TDCi1499704Saloon2014-
FORD  FOCUS III Saloon 1.5 TDCi1499884Saloon2014-
FORD  FOCUS III Saloon 1.5 TDCi   ECOnetic1499774Saloon2014-
FORD  FOCUS III Saloon 1.6   EcoBoost15961104Saloon2011-
FORD  FOCUS III Saloon 1.6   EcoBoost15961344Saloon2011-
FORD  FOCUS III Saloon 1.6   Flexifuel1596884Saloon2011-
FORD  FOCUS III Saloon 1.6   Flexifuel15961104Saloon2013-
FORD  FOCUS III Saloon 1.6 TDCi1560704Saloon2011-
FORD  FOCUS III Saloon 1.6 TDCi1560854Saloon2011-
FORD  FOCUS III Saloon 1.6 Ti1596774Saloon2011-
FORD  FOCUS III Saloon 1.6 Ti1596924Saloon2011-
FORD  FOCUS III Saloon 1.6 Ti1596634Saloon2011-
FORD  FOCUS III Saloon 2.0 TDCi1997854Saloon2011-
FORD  FOCUS III Saloon 2.0 TDCi19971034Saloon2011-
FORD  FOCUS III Saloon 2.0 TDCi19971204Saloon2011-
FORD  FOCUS III Saloon 2.0 TDCi19971004Saloon2011-
FORD  FOCUS III Turnier 1.0   EcoBoost998743Estate2012-
FORD  FOCUS III Turnier 1.0   EcoBoost998923Estate2012-
FORD  FOCUS III Turnier 1.5   EcoBoost14991104Estate2014-
FORD  FOCUS III Turnier 1.5   EcoBoost14991344Estate2014-
FORD  FOCUS III Turnier 1.5 TDCi1499704Estate2014-
FORD  FOCUS III Turnier 1.5 TDCi1499884Estate2014-
FORD  FOCUS III Turnier 1.5 TDCi   ECOnetic1499774Estate2014-
FORD  FOCUS III Turnier 1.6   EcoBoost15961104Estate2011-
FORD  FOCUS III Turnier 1.6   EcoBoost15961344Estate2011-
FORD  FOCUS III Turnier 1.6   Flexifuel1596884Estate2011-
FORD  FOCUS III Turnier 1.6   Flexifuel15961104Estate2013-
FORD  FOCUS III Turnier 1.6 LPG1596884Estate2012-
FORD  FOCUS III Turnier 1.6 LPG1596864Estate2012-
FORD  FOCUS III Turnier 1.6 TDCi1560704Estate2011-
FORD  FOCUS III Turnier 1.6 TDCi1560854Estate2011-
FORD  FOCUS III Turnier 1.6 TDCi   ECOnetic1560774Estate2012-
FORD  FOCUS III Turnier 1.6 Ti1596774Estate2011-
FORD  FOCUS III Turnier 1.6 Ti1596924Estate2011-
FORD  FOCUS III Turnier 1.6 Ti1596634Estate2011-
FORD  FOCUS III Turnier 2.0 TDCi1997854Estate2011-
FORD  FOCUS III Turnier 2.0 TDCi19971034Estate2011-
FORD  FOCUS III Turnier 2.0 TDCi19971204Estate2011-
FORD  FOCUS III Turnier 2.0 TDCi19971004Estate2011-

Product Photo For Reference :

Focus 1712024(1).jpg

Focus 1712024(2).jpg 

Customers' comments:

I visit AUTOMECHANIKA SANGHAI in this last month and i discus with many supplier for the brake pads ,like DANAHER ,IFK,FANTIANG,BAOFENG. 

but i tell you ,i am interested in your brake pads ,because you have beautiful brake pads like original also the definition when i show in your brake pads, i like it is exactly  like original



 NOUGHI Faycal.jpg

  -------NOUGHI Faycal (France)      Date: 2015-01-16   



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