BUICK LACROSSE Brake pads 22959104

BUICK LACROSSE Brake pads 22959104

LACROSSE Brake pads 1605232

BUICK Brake pads 13237751

Product Details

BUICK LACROSSE Brake pads 22959104

Product Description:  

LocationFront Axle

Brake SystemMando

Width142 mm

Height66.7 mm

Thickness19.1 mm


Cross Reference No.: 

Owner            Number

CHEVROLET     13237751

CHEVROLET     92230269

GM          13237751

OPEL         13237751

OPEL         1605186

OPEL         1605232

OPEL         1605434

OPEL         22959104

OPEL         95514526

ATE    13.0470-5612.2

BENDIX    573270B

BOSCH     0986494275

BREMBO    P59055

DELPHI     LP2081

FERODO     FDB4208

ICER        181913

JURID       573270J

MINTEX      MDB2869

PAGID       T1668

TEXTAR     2441201

TEXTAR     2441205

TEXTAR     24412 191 1 5

TRW          GDB1783


Application For Below Car Models :



BUICK  LA CROSSE Saloon 3.029972266Saloon2012-
BUICK  LA CROSSE Saloon 3.6 VVTi35642096Saloon2010-
CHEVROLET  CAMARO 3.635642326Coupe2011-
CHEVROLET  CAMARO 3.635642246Coupe2009-
CHEVROLET  CAMARO 3.635642276Coupe2009-
CHEVROLET  CAMARO 3.635642416Coupe2011-
CHEVROLET  CAMARO Convertible 3.635642326Convertible2011-
CHEVROLET  MALIBU (V300) 1.6 T15981354Saloon2012-
CHEVROLET  MALIBU (V300) 2.019981084Saloon2012-
CHEVROLET  MALIBU (V300) 2.019981044Saloon2012-
CHEVROLET  MALIBU (V300) 2.019981934Saloon2012-
CHEVROLET  MALIBU (V300) 2.0 D19561184Saloon2012-
CHEVROLET  MALIBU (V300) 2.0 LPG19981014Saloon2012-
CHEVROLET  MALIBU (V300) 2.423841234Saloon2012-
CHEVROLET  MALIBU (V300) 2.423841374Saloon2012-
CHEVROLET  MALIBU (V300) 2.423841254Saloon2012-
CHEVROLET  MALIBU (V300) 2.4   Hybrid23841364Saloon2012-
CHEVROLET  MALIBU (V300) 2.524571424Saloon2012-2013
CHEVROLET  MALIBU (V300) 2.524571474Saloon2013-
CHEVROLET  MALIBU (V300) Eco23841364Saloon2013-
HOLDEN  MALIBU (V300) 2.0 D19561174Saloon2013-
HOLDEN  MALIBU (V300) 2.4 i23841234Saloon2013-
OPEL  ASTRA GTC J 1.6 CDTI1598814Hatchback2014-
OPEL  ASTRA GTC J 1.6 CDTI15981004Hatchback2014-
OPEL  ASTRA GTC J 1.6 SIDI15981474Hatchback2013-
OPEL  ASTRA J Saloon 1.4 LPG13641034Saloon2014-
OPEL  ASTRA J Saloon 1.6 CDTi1598814Saloon2014-
OPEL  CASCADA (W13) 1.41362884Convertible2013-
OPEL  CASCADA (W13) 1.4 Turbo13621034Convertible2013-
OPEL  CASCADA (W13) 1.615981474Convertible2013-
OPEL  CASCADA (W13) 1.6 SIDI15981254Convertible2013-
OPEL  CASCADA (W13) 2.0 CDTI19561214Convertible2013-
OPEL  CASCADA (W13) 2.0 CDTI19561434Convertible2013-
OPEL  INSIGNIA 1.6 SIDI15981254Hatchback2013-
OPEL  INSIGNIA 1.6 Turbo15981324Hatchback2008-
OPEL  INSIGNIA 2.0 Biturbo CDTI19561434Hatchback2012-
OPEL  INSIGNIA 2.0 Biturbo CDTI19561404Hatchback2008-
OPEL  INSIGNIA 2.0 Biturbo CDTI   4x419561434Hatchback2012-
OPEL  INSIGNIA 2.0 Biturbo CDTI   4x419561404Hatchback2009-
OPEL  INSIGNIA 2.0 CDTI19561034Hatchback2013-
OPEL  INSIGNIA 2.0 CDTI19561204Hatchback2013-
OPEL  INSIGNIA 2.0 CDTI19561184Hatchback2008-
OPEL  INSIGNIA 2.0 CDTI 4x419561204Hatchback2013-
OPEL  INSIGNIA 2.0 CDTI 4x419561184Hatchback2010-
OPEL  INSIGNIA 2.0 E85 Turbo19981624Hatchback2010-
OPEL  INSIGNIA 2.0 Turbo19981624Hatchback2008-
OPEL  INSIGNIA 2.0 Turbo19981844Hatchback2014-
OPEL  INSIGNIA 2.0 Turbo 4x419981844Hatchback2011-
OPEL  INSIGNIA 2.0 Turbo 4x419981624Hatchback2008-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Saloon 1.6 SIDI15981254Saloon2013-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Saloon 1.6 Turbo15981324Saloon2009-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Saloon 1.817961034Saloon2008-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Saloon 2.0 Biturbo   CDTI19561434Saloon2012-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Saloon 2.0 Biturbo   CDTI19561404Saloon2008-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Saloon 2.0 Biturbo   CDTI 4x419561434Saloon2012-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Saloon 2.0 Biturbo   CDTI 4x419561404Saloon2008-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Saloon 2.0 CDTI19561034Saloon2013-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Saloon 2.0 CDTI19561204Saloon2013-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Saloon 2.0 CDTI19561184Saloon2008-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Saloon 2.0 CDTI 4x419561204Saloon2013-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Saloon 2.0 CDTI 4x419561184Saloon2010-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Saloon 2.0 Turbo19981624Saloon2008-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Saloon 2.0 Turbo19981844Saloon2014-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Saloon 2.0 Turbo   4x419981844Saloon2011-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Saloon 2.0 Turbo   4x419981624Saloon2008-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Saloon 2.0 Turbo   E8519981624Saloon2008-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Sports Tourer 1.413641034Estate2011-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Sports Tourer 1.4   LPG13641034Estate2012-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Sports Tourer 1.61598854Estate2008-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Sports Tourer 1.6   SIDI15981254Estate2013-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Sports Tourer 1.6   Turbo15981324Estate2009-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Sports Tourer 2.0   Biturbo CDTI19561434Estate2012-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Sports Tourer 2.0   Biturbo CDTI19561404Estate2008-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Sports Tourer 2.0   Biturbo CDTI 4x419561434Estate2012-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Sports Tourer 2.0   Biturbo CDTI 4x419561404Estate2008-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Sports Tourer 2.0   CDTI19561204Estate2013-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Sports Tourer 2.0   CDTI19561034Estate2013-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Sports Tourer 2.0   CDTI19561184Estate2008-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Sports Tourer 2.0   CDTI 4x419561204Estate2013-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Sports Tourer 2.0   CDTI 4x419561184Estate2010-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Sports Tourer 2.0   E85 Turbo19981624Estate2010-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Sports Tourer 2.0   Turbo19981624Estate2008-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Sports Tourer 2.0   Turbo19981844Estate2014-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Sports Tourer 2.0   Turbo 4x419981844Estate2011-
OPEL  INSIGNIA Sports Tourer 2.0   Turbo 4x419981624Estate2008-
OPEL  ZAFIRA TOURER C (P12) 1.41364884MPV2011-
OPEL  ZAFIRA TOURER C (P12) 1.413641034MPV2011-
OPEL  ZAFIRA TOURER C (P12) 1.4   LPG13641034MPV2011-
OPEL  ZAFIRA TOURER C (P12) 1.6   CDTI15981004MPV2013-
OPEL  ZAFIRA TOURER C (P12) 1.6   CDTI1598884MPV2014-
OPEL  ZAFIRA TOURER C (P12) 1.6   CNG15981104MPV2011-
OPEL  ZAFIRA TOURER C (P12) 1.6   SIDI15981474MPV2013-
OPEL  ZAFIRA TOURER C (P12) 1.6   SIDI15981254MPV2012-
OPEL  ZAFIRA TOURER C (P12) 1.817961034MPV2011-
OPEL  ZAFIRA TOURER C (P12) 1.81796884MPV2011-
OPEL  ZAFIRA TOURER C (P12) 1.81796854MPV2011-
OPEL  ZAFIRA TOURER C (P12) 1.8   LPG17961014MPV2011-
OPEL  ZAFIRA TOURER C (P12) 2.0   BiTurbo CDTI19561434MPV2013-
OPEL  ZAFIRA TOURER C (P12) 2.0   CDTi19561184MPV2011-
OPEL  ZAFIRA TOURER C (P12) 2.0   CDTi19561214MPV2011-
OPEL  ZAFIRA TOURER C (P12) 2.0   CDTi1956964MPV2011-
OPEL  ZAFIRA TOURER C (P12) 2.0   CDTi1956814MPV2011-

Product Photo For Reference : 




Customers' comments:

I visit AUTOMECHANIKA SANGHAI in this last month and i discus with many supplier for the brake pads ,like DANAHER ,IFK,FANTIANG,BAOFENG. 

but i tell you ,i am interested in your brake pads ,because you have beautiful brake pads like original also the definition when i show in your brake pads, i like it is exactly  like original



 NOUGHI Faycal.jpg

  -------NOUGHI Faycal (France)      Date: 2015-01-16   



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